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Jeb Bush for President: Trusted Leadership For a Safer, Stronger, Freer America

It is time for a change. America is in need of our help.

We are the Friends of Jeb Bush for President. We support his campaign for the presidency because, after careful evaluation of the qualifications and stance of the candidates on relevant social issues, we found Jeb Bush highly competent for the position. We believe that Jeb Bush can give us the change that we want and we need. He has the political will to make changes in our government that the past administration failed to implement. He will give voice to the people who want nothing but a safer, stronger, and freer America.

We want a safer America. Our hearts are tired of hearing about senseless deaths and fearing that it could be our family who would be the next victim. We want a nation that is free from violence. We want to feel safe in our homes, schools, and communities. We want to be free from fear of terrorism.

We want a stronger America. We want a nation that is resilient despite the natural and man-made calamities of our time. We want a nation that can defend itself against those who want to take away our freedom. We want a nation that is able to protect other nations from the evil of this world.

We want a freer America. We want to enjoy our rights and liberties to the fullest. We do not want to be bound to people with selfish interests. We do not want to be indebted to those who do not have the people’s welfare in their mind.

We want a safer, stronger, and freer America.

We want a leader that we can trust. We are tired of old promises and forgotten vows. We want a leader who will champion the people’s interests and wellbeing. We want a leader who will listen to the people. We want a leader who may not be perfect but gives his best for our beloved country. We want a leader who will unite us and not break us apart. We want a leader who will uplift our lives and raise the standard of living in our nation. We want a leader who has earned our respect because of what he has done in the past, what he believes in the present, and what he envisions for our future.

We support Jeb Bush for President because we believe that he is the leader that our country needs and we will tell you why. Join us in our campaign rallies as we go around different states. After your garage door repair Tempe, join us for a healthy and lively public discussion of relevant social issues. Make your voice heard. We are all in this together. We have had enough of the previous administration’s broken promises and lack of political will. We must do something to make America great once again.

Make an informed choice this coming presidential election. Hear what Jeb Bush has to say and you will see for yourself why he is the best candidate to be the next president of the United States of America.

End Neoliberalism Now

I find it interesting that neoliberalism is very much a part of our current government policies. People may be unaware of it but it affects their daily lives. The business sector is dictating the prices of the goods and commodities and we have to adjust our budget and way of living to be able to keep up with our families’ needs. The government and politics have become commercialized and rely on the support of businessmen who have vested interests in what they do.

Debt lies at the center of neoliberalism. Debt is not just about money or capital that a person owes. It is used to govern and control the public who are indebted to the corporations. We can see here how the business sector governs the society. Political rationality is the condition of possibility and legitimacy of its instruments. Political rationality legitimizes what the state is doing, that is to turn over the rule or give governance to the private sector so that they can control the economy.

Government practices provide the tools needed for neoliberalism to thrive in the society. Neoliberalism attacks the very essence of democracy – its principles, practices, and institutions; which is supposed to be ruled by the people. Neoliberalism is anti-democratic since it undermines the basic elements of democracy as the control now goes to a few people in the private or business sector who have the power to shape changes not just in the economy but ultimately in every aspect of society such as education, labor, and environment.

Political rationality is a mode of reason which influences and legitimizes government actions and practices. Neoliberalism is taking over democracy by letting economic growth define the state’s programs and actions. Governance is taken away from the state and is given to the private sector. Policies such as privatization, deregulation, and free trade are implemented to enhance competition and capital value in the economy. When this happens, there is no longer a rule of the state in principle and the interest of the majority are given up in favor of the few.

Possession of Arms in the Campus

In light of recent events that transpired, I understand why there are groups that are pushing for the legalization of the possession of arms inside campuses. However, I personally am against this. I believe that our schools and campuses should be child-free spaces. These institutions are a sanctuary for learning wherein there is a free interaction among students and faculty to cultivate the exchange of ideas and nurture the culture of learning. Colleges and universities are full of active and dynamic individuals who may not yet have the maturity to possess guns and use them responsibly. There is enough stress to deal with their studies and relationships and having easy access to guns would not help in managing their emotions and behavior. We can see how they can use guns to harm others or themselves in moments of poor judgment and impulsive behavior. Knowing also that your fellow students and faculty are armed gives restrictions to your interactions with other people and could hinder a conducive environment for learning and productive exchange of ideas. Confrontations can arise and lead to violence. We have also seen studies that show that guns do not necessarily mean protection and safety for individuals carrying them. Most of the time, guns are used to harm others or one’s self that is why there is an increased rate of suicides and homicides. Having easy access to guns compromises our security and the security of everyone else around us. I believe that it is the duty of our law enforcers to protect the people. Guns are weapons that can be destructive once placed in the hands of irresponsible or immature individuals. The government should regulate the use of firearms and ammunition. I believe this issue is also connected to mental health. We must make sure that those in possession of guns have the proper disposition and mentality to use them responsibly. School safety is an important matter and we should continue to find ways to safeguard the security of our children and their education in these respected institutions of learning.

Make Aviation Security a Collective Effort

With a large number of people passing through the airports every day, aviation security is of extreme importance to ensure the safety of passengers and staff from harm. This is why airports spend a lot of money in placing different means and technologies to secure and protect its vicinity especially in light of terrorist attacks and threats that we face. Stationing full-body scanners and prohibiting carry on of laptop computers and other similar devices are some examples of aviation security measures aiming to enhance their capability to detect and disrupt possible threats of terrorism in our airports. However, these strategies have caused concern among airport passengers regarding their privacy. Full body scanners produce not just an image of weapons or explosives but also an image of a person’s body beneath the clothes that he or she is wearing. Laptop computers may contain personal information which may be deemed confidential by the owner. The question now is how much should we stretch our means to obtain essential information that can potentially save the life of one, hundreds, or thousands of people? Where do we set our limits in ensuring national security and concurrently prohibiting intrusion into the basic human right to privacy? What alternative methods to do we have to be able to mitigate the threat of terrorism without encroaching into people’s privacy? These are important matters for consideration among our government officials and airport security personnel that require careful analysis and attention to strike a balance between national security and the right to privacy. Aviation security should be a collaborative effort that should also include the participation of the public so that they would understand the magnitude of the threat that we are facing. Knowing the situation would prompt them to be cooperative in the conduct of security searches in airports and they can also divulge information to authorities regarding their knowledge about suspicious persons. Ensuring aviation security is everyone’s obligation and each person must do what he or she needs to do to ensure the safety and protection of the people.