Jeb Bush for President: Trusted Leadership For a Safer, Stronger, Freer America

It is time for a change. America is in need of our help.

We are the Friends of Jeb Bush for President. We support his campaign for the presidency because, after careful evaluation of the qualifications and stance of the candidates on relevant social issues, we found Jeb Bush highly competent for the position. We believe that Jeb Bush can give us the change that we want and we need. He has the political will to make changes in our government that the past administration failed to implement. He will give voice to the people who want nothing but a safer, stronger, and freer America.

We want a safer America. Our hearts are tired of hearing about senseless deaths and fearing that it could be our family who would be the next victim. We want a nation that is free from violence. We want to feel safe in our homes, schools, and communities. We want to be free from fear of terrorism.

We want a stronger America. We want a nation that is resilient despite the natural and man-made calamities of our time. We want a nation that can defend itself against those who want to take away our freedom. We want a nation that is able to protect other nations from the evil of this world.

We want a freer America. We want to enjoy our rights and liberties to the fullest. We do not want to be bound to people with selfish interests. We do not want to be indebted to those who do not have the people’s welfare in their mind.

We want a safer, stronger, and freer America.

We want a leader that we can trust. We are tired of old promises and forgotten vows. We want a leader who will champion the people’s interests and wellbeing. We want a leader who will listen to the people. We want a leader who may not be perfect but gives his best for our beloved country. We want a leader who will unite us and not break us apart. We want a leader who will uplift our lives and raise the standard of living in our nation. We want a leader who has earned our respect because of what he has done in the past, what he believes in the present, and what he envisions for our future.

We support Jeb Bush for President because we believe that he is the leader that our country needs and we will tell you why. Join us in our campaign rallies as we go around different states. After your garage door repair Tempe, join us for a healthy and lively public discussion of relevant social issues. Make your voice heard. We are all in this together. We have had enough of the previous administration’s broken promises and lack of political will. We must do something to make America great once again.

Make an informed choice this coming presidential election. Hear what Jeb Bush has to say and you will see for yourself why he is the best candidate to be the next president of the United States of America.