We all have the right to good health – each one of us, not just those who can afford the cost of health care. Thus, there is a need to reduce the cost of health care here in our country if not totally make it free for everyone. We all know that the rising cost of health care is a hindering factor for people to go to our hospitals and get themselves treated for their illnesses. For those who pay for their medical insurance, the high cost is also a burden because there are other expenses to consider aside from medical insurance. But we also cannot afford not to get ourselves treated especially if it is a serious medical condition that we are talking about. This is also the sentiment of bloggers from the website homeservicemillionaire.com. So, what do we do? We turn to the government for help. We cannot have people suffering, or worse, dying because they could not afford the cost of health care.


Two reasons for the increased health care cost in the United States are the advancements in technology used in medical research and development and the increasing need and demand for specialist doctors instead of general practitioners.  To control these factors, the government can help level the playing field in the health care industry by opening up the market to different medical suppliers, researchers, and other concerned businesses that can lend support to the whole health care industry.   The more players in the industry, the more that we can bring down the price of medical supplies, equipment, and other needed materials. Another way to reduce health care costs is by pooling clients together so that they can avail of discounts on prices and fees as well as the services being offered.


There is a need to make health care affordable so that more people can avail of these health services which would increase their opportunities for a better quality of life. Health care regulations have been largely unsuccessful so far because of the huge influence of big health care organizations such as the American Medical Association in the political arena. These businesses push for the deregulation of health care cost because they benefit from it by being able to dictate prices and fees of the medical services.  These businesses are big supporters of the politicians and lend support in their campaigns.  In return, they are ensured that there would be lawmakers who would support their business interests.  Health care reforms in the United States have been a constant political issue and topic for debate among lawmakers.  We have seen health care bills enacted and then repealed depending on the favor of those in the majority group of the Congress. This shows that our politicians are influenced by the business industry which hinders them from listening to the voice of the people expressing their need for affordable and universal health care. I will make a difference. I have the political will and I will prioritize the welfare and interests of the public because everyone deserves proper health care and the best quality of life.