Possession of Arms in the Campus

In light of recent events that transpired, I understand why there are groups that are pushing for the legalization of the possession of arms inside campuses. However, I personally am against this. I believe that our schools and campuses should be child-free spaces. These institutions are a sanctuary for learning wherein there is a free interaction among students and faculty to cultivate the exchange of ideas and nurture the culture of learning. Colleges and universities are full of active and dynamic individuals who may not yet have the maturity to possess guns and use them responsibly. There is enough stress to deal with their studies and relationships and having easy access to guns would not help in managing their emotions and behavior. We can see how they can use guns to harm others or themselves in moments of poor judgment and impulsive behavior. Knowing also that your fellow students and faculty are armed gives restrictions to your interactions with other people and could hinder a conducive environment for learning and productive exchange of ideas. Confrontations can arise and lead to violence. We have also seen studies that show that guns do not necessarily mean protection and safety for individuals carrying them. Most of the time, guns are used to harm others or one’s self that is why there is an increased rate of suicides and homicides. Having easy access to guns compromises our security and the security of everyone else around us. I believe that it is the duty of our law enforcers to protect the people. Guns are weapons that can be destructive once placed in the hands of irresponsible or immature individuals. The government should regulate the use of firearms and ammunition. I believe this issue is also connected to mental health. We must make sure that those in possession of guns have the proper disposition and mentality to use them responsibly. School safety is an important matter and we should continue to find ways to safeguard the security of our children and their education in these respected institutions of learning.